Community! Why It Matters and How to Build One Around Your Brand

Your customers are bombarded by messages from marketers. Every brand is trying to reach them, connect with them and sell to them. The same goes for your employees — there’s no shortage of companies trying to attract the best talent through competitive pay, positive cultures and unique benefits.

In this crowded marketplace, brands that blast more of the same marketing messages won’t find much success. Instead, smart leaders are looking for more sustainable, authentic ways to connect with customers and employees — like building community.

In this guide we walk through how to build a community among customers and how to build a community inside your organization. Learn from community-building experts including:

  • TalentCulture CEO Meghan M. Biro
  • Culture Amp lead product marketing manager Damon Klotz
  • PureMatter CEO Bryan Kramer
  • Topia CMO Julie Knight-Ludvigson
  • Microsoft head of people analytics Dawn Klinghoffer

Download the guide and learn how to grow and develop your community.

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